Hi, i’m rachel!

I’m an intuitive empath, yoga teacher, tarot reader and corporate escapee.

If you had asked me in my twenties where I thought I would be in my late-thirties, I would have told you a vice president at a big PR agency. Funny how our priorities change as we grow older.

I had a wonderful career in PR and marketing and held several positions with great companies and worked with amazing people. But as I grew older, my priorities began to shift.

I had worked in the corporate world for almost 15 years. My husband and I had also been trying for three years to get pregnant and finally we did! But then, I suffered a miscarriage. The miscarriage literally rocked my world and I started to question everything about the way I was living. Even though I loved my job, I realized that the constant travel was starting to take a toll on my physical and mental health. I realized that a 9-5 schedule just wasn't working for me at this time in my life and I wanted more spaciousness and freedom.

The two big things keeping me from leaving my job? Money & Fear of the Unknown

I knew that I needed to build a financial safety net before I could leap. I'm no Evel Knievel. I needed to know that we had at least 6-12 months of expenses covered so I could explore working for myself. So, I re-visited my budget. Decided we could live on less and stashed any extra cash in a savings account. That was my exit account and even though I could have spent those dollars on lots of “stuff,” I knew I was investing in my future.

As for the fear, I was lucky that I had friends and mentors in my life who had made similar leaps. So I turned to them and gathered all of the info I could get about leaving the 9-5 and starting my own business. I set my “exit date.”

I also turned to my spirit guides (though, at the time I didn’t realize I was talking to them) in the form of Tarot. I drew a card every day leading up to my exit from the corporate world and the cards continued to help keep me motivated toward my goal and validated that this was the right choice.

Then, magic happened. I called my boss to tell her my plan, and she actually HIRED me as a consultant, becoming my first official client out on my own. Then an old colleague called me with some more business. Then ANOTHER old colleague and I connected and he threw me some more business. Within a few weeks, I had replaced my corporate income and didn't end up even needing to touch that safety net. Three months after leaving my job, I got pregnant!

I tell you this story, because change IS possible for you too. I had to work through and rewrite my stories around money to make this change. I had to figure out how big my safety net needed to be to comfortably jump. However, I did wish at the time that I just had someone to hold my hand and guide my through this process.

I can be that guide. To help you re-write your money stories. To help you make big changes. To help you leap into your bliss!