Why Budget?

Money is energy. When we don’t have a way to harness that energy, it can end up scattered. When we overspend, we end up feeling depleted. A budget can help provide a way to harness and manage the energy of money. When you know how much energy is coming in and how much is going out, you begin to feel empowered to spend that energy as you see fit and see a clearer path to meet your goals.

Can I budget with an irregular income?

Yes, absolutely! As a small business owner who has her own irregular income, I’d love to meet and discuss how it’s done!

Are you going to take away all of the fun?

No, definitely not. I’ll help you identify and define what happiness looks like for you and explore ways to support that bliss with your budget.

Why should I pay you to help me budget?

If you're reading this, it's probably because you feel a little bit overwhelmed by money. Money is energy and sometimes, that energy can feel confused, scary and erratic. I’m here to help support and guide you to help you feel clear, confident and calm about money,

Can you help me with stocks? Can you do my taxes?

Nope. I don't sell insurance, I don't give stock market advice and I'm certainly not an accountant. The bonus: I’m not going to be trying to sell you anything. I’m here to support YOU in forming an empowered relationship with money.

Let's meet and find out if we're a good fit! I provide a healthy balance of practical and soulful. My aim is to help you move through money blocks and rewrite those money stories that keep you in the same patterns year after year (sometimes lifetime after lifetime). I have a spiritual toolbox of sorts that we can use to help support you on your journey - meditation, journaling, tarot, reiki, etc.

Why should I work with you vs. another budget coach?