Intuitive Tarot Readings

I currently offer audio Tarot readings via email or virtual readings via Zoom using the Wild Unknown deck. I am an intuitive Empath and Tarot has been in my life since I was a teenager. I’ve received so much clarity from the Tarot and I’m excited to share my readings with you.

I see Tarot as a mirror that we can hold up to ourselves for clarity. I believe in free will and that although the Tarot cards may show us specific energy around a certain decision or outcome, we have the ability to mold and change our future (i.e. nothing is set in stone). I also only deal in messages that serve my clients best and highest good.

When we open the space for a reading, I give your guides permission to speak to you through me and the tarot cards. Even though we may not be sitting in the same room, it’s really incredible how powerful and accurate these readings can be.

Pre-recorded Audio readings: Once you choose the spread and make your payment, I’ll send you an email to open the sacred space to give me permission to connect with your guides. You can also share any information that you would like me to know as I approach your reading. Within 3 days, you’ll receive your audio file and a photo of your spread.

Zoom readings: You can book a date and time and make your payment via the scheduling link below. If you like, I can record the call and send you a link to download within 48 hours of the call. You’ll receive a confirmation with a link to the Zoom video call. If you are somewhere where you are unable to be on video, we can make this an audio-only live call as well (please let me know at time of booking). Please note: If you are more than 15 minutes late for your booking, I will consider you a no-show. You will be able to reschedule your appointment, if needed, up to 48 hours prior to your original appointment. After this, appointments not attended are non-refundable and not able to be rescheduled. If you are located on the West Coast and need later time slots, please email me via the Contact Me page.

3 Card Spread.jpg

Three Card Spread

30 mins

Three card spreads are particularly helpful when making a decision between three possibilities. We can also look at the energy surrounding past, present and future of a current situation. We’ll work together to decide what the three cards should represent for your specific situation.

Money Relationship Spread.jpg

Money Relationship spread

45 mins

This spread takes a look at your relationship with money, current money blocks and limiting beliefs, and ways to move past those blocks to a healthier and more empowered relationship with money.

Year Ahead Spread.jpg

Year Ahead Spread

60 mins

I offer a look at the energies surrounding the 12 months ahead and an overall theme for your "year." This spread is often conducted at the New Year or another milestone like a birthday - but really can be conducted anytime you want to look at what the next cycle will bring.