I support clients in cultivating an empowered relationship with money through heart-centered budget coaching that combines the soulful with the practical.

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When we heal our relationship with money,

that healing ripples out through our lives.

Money is the last taboo topic in our society. There’s not much transparency around incomes. We don't share our money struggles often with friends or family because we feel shame. Many of us don’t charge what we’re worth. Sometimes we don't think it's an area that we can really heal. We feel stuck. We push our money relationship to the back burner.

The thing is, when we start to heal our relationships with money, that healing ripples out through our lives. We gain confidence to charge what we're worth (or to negotiate that raise). We feel empowered to change our career paths. We feel more stable and secure so that we can direct our attention to other parts of our lives - be more present with friends and family. We begin to feel lighter as that old guilt and shame floats away from our shoulders. We begin to feel clear, empowered and in control.

Think of me like your energy healer for money. After all, money is just that, energy.

I’m here to help you move from feeling:

  • Disorganized to Organized

  • Confused to Clear

  • Fearful to Empowered

My goal is to help you become aligned with YOUR ultimate bliss.

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